Update August 11, 2017:

We discovered and rectified a problem in the MJJ 2017 seasonal rainfall forecast stemming from an update to the raw data initially used for the forecast. The updated forecast based on 2017 April observed circulation and soil moisture fields will be temporarily available on this page and will move to the past seasonal rainfall forecasts page on August 31, 2017.

Forecast of Average May–July Rainfall

The interactive map of May‒July seasonal rainfall forecasts will be available at this page starting from January 16th of every year. On August 1st of each year, the forecasts for the May‒July season will move to the past seasonal rainfall forecasts page.

Mid-January (6.5-month lead forecast)

End-January (6.0-month lead forecast)

Mid-February (5.5-month lead forecast)

End-February (5.0-month lead forecast)

Mid-March (4.5-month lead forecast)

End-March (4.0-month lead forecast)

Mid-April (3.5-month lead forecast)

End-April (3.0-month lead forecast)