State Well Number 6837203 is 94.80 feet below land surface on 2022-12-08

Well Information **

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County Bexar
State Well Number 6837203
Status Active
Period of Record 1932-11-12 to 2022-12-08
Entity/Cooperator Edwards Aquifer Authority
Cooperator ID J17
Aquifer Edwards (Balcones Fault Zone)
Formation Edwards and Associated Limestones - (Balcones Fault Zone Aquifer)
Aquifer Type Confined
Well Depth (ft below land surface) 874.00
Instrument Unknown
Transmission Cellular
Groundwater Conservation District Edwards Aquifer Authority
Groundwater Management Area 10
Estimated Land Elevation (ft above sea level) 731
Location (lat, long) (29.4791670, -98.4325000)
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Data Summary

Date Daily High
Water Level
(ft below
land surface)
Height Below
Most Recent
Most recent 2022-12-08 94.80 - n.a. -
1 day prior 2022-12-07 94.40 -0.40
2 days prior 2022-12-06 93.70 -1.10
1 week prior 2022-12-01 93.10 -1.70
1 month prior 2022-11-08 96.10 1.30
3 months prior 2022-09-08 94.50 -0.30
6 months prior 2022-06-08 91.50 -3.30
1 year prior 2021-12-08 67.60 -27.20
oldest 1932-11-12 55.40 -39.40

Water level data are maintained by the Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA). Original data reported in feet above mean sea level, and transcribed by TWDB to feet below land surface using the estimated land surface elevation provided by the EAA.